Monday, June 10, 2013

New and improved

This poor blog isn't something I've made the right amount of use of in the last few years, and I aim to change that. 

Recently in reading several pieces of literature about successful and happy people, I discovered many things were coming up again and again, and one of these was "keeping a journal".  Since, like most of the world, not a single person actually writes with a pen/pencil anymore (unless you're unable to get directions from someone via speaker phone while you're plugging them into Google maps....), then we're all online, typing away to our hearts desires.  And let's face it;  the art of penmanship might have went out with the generation of Gilligan's Island.

So with this said; I am going to make this my new journal.  For better or worse, or whatever the hell else.  

This is going to be a short first, so I'll end it with this: 

Estes Park, on my 32nd birthday.  My son.  My sweetheart.  <3 .="">

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