Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Technology Darkness

It's slightly unfortunate that my husband and I are in a compromised enough position financially that he agreed to let me shut off the cable. I'd initially made the suggestion as a "30 day technology abstinence" challenge. Sadly, as his daughters MOUNTING mental health medical debt has begun to ramp upward again, we're looking at making hard choices between putting food on our table, or watching Step-Brothers on FX.

I'm not ashamed to write that in October of 2014, when she turnes 18, I will be celebrating the win for us.

So with this technology darkness, I've had to come up with a large cache of projects to focus my attention on. Also; paying our way slowly and painfully out of this hole leaves me with no other options than to start whittling away at my yarn stash.

With that, here is my lovely Dragon Berry Citron:  
At section 5, and row 6 (at 444 stitches) this beauty is basically crammed SO tightly onto my 9" circular, it's difficult to even move as I knit.  I'm sure you're saying "well, why don't you move it up to a longer cable, silly?"  Which, I would, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find any other size 7's in my hoard.  Not a single pair.  I can't imagine why either.  From here it only gets worse, too.  The ruffled edging takes one more kfb series, leaving me with 540 sts on the wire.  It's going to be more crowded than the rectum of a mule moving heroin from Chihuahua to Las Vegas on a PanAm flight.    And with that little visual, I'm going to sign off.    Cheers, and good morning! 

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