Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ringing in 2015, aka, "This is terribly belated"

I don't know about anyone else, but "New Years Resolutions" makes me feel about as awesome as when you start seeing a new Doctor and you need to fill out the questionaire about your cholesterol, history of diabetes, and when you last gave yourself a self-breast exam. 


Making a list of things that you need to improve just because it's a new year doesn't seem to have any real weight that will carry you through those 12 long months.  Hell, by the time September rolls around we seem to forget that we're waltzing straight into the holiday season, let alone the home stretch for the end of the year (and thus the deadline for these "goals").

I generally have a list that I've got running for myself that's a lot like my grocery list.  Check the items off as you come across them, and try to get them all in a seamless fashion so as to save time, and avoid backtracking too far.  These are things that need to get done, but if they're leftover for next trip, NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE.

I say that now, but one day something insane like "eating less fats because your cholesterol is over 300, you goddamn animal" is going to be on my list, and then shit is going to be real.  I'll eat my words when that happens. 

So in order of things likely to get done, here's what I hope to get hammered out in the near future:

  • Get our minor reno projects out of the way so we can start planning the scary and lenthy ones
  • Measure dimensions for new beds and start hunting for pallets for free on craiglist
    • pick these bad boys up and store them. Pronto!
  • Move the new dresser into Kiddos room, so you can get rid of his old one that threatens to tip over every time you open it.  Seriously. 
  • UFYH in the 3rd bedroom.  Also seriously.
  • Fix the damn composter (and dump compost into it)
    • Should the old dog run be converted into new composting rotation?
Additional achievements to unlock this year:
  • Stop picking up projects that I can't get to.
    • Also try to finish new shit that I HAVEN'T gotten to.
      • This includes refinishing the rocking chair, and the 2 cast iron skillets I've acquired that NEED to be refinished.  No.More.Projects.
    • Try not to become an unintentional pack-rat
  • De-clutter thyself.  Immediately.  Ahem; TODAY. 
More, on this, but a little later...................

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