Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Matinee Shrug by Two Old Bags

I started my sisters' Matinee shrug last night at Knit Knight. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do very much while I was out, as it required I do a lot of "not talking" and "concentrating". I'm very pleased that all my little mini projects with their heavy pattern-reading and deciphering prepared me really well for this project, because so far it's going well.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just for fun....

I did this today. :) I'm sad it's my "fatty face' picture, but it was entertaining to know I look like Daniel Radcliffe nonetheless.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Noro 2-rib scarf

I finally started working on the noro 2-rib scarf with 2 colors. I'm kind of pissed though, because I've started it over a few times already and kind of want to add 2 mores stitches to it.

It's pretty so far though....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I totally caved.

I really couldn't resist posting these.

This is an item I'm making for myself out of naturally un-dyed silk bouchle, bought from Knit Knack in Arvada.

The pattern in a 4-row repeat until completion that Judy wrote down for me a few weeks ago. I made one up for my sister Caitlin, and liked it so much I decided that I wanted one as well. It doesn't hurt that she lives in Washington DC, so we can get away with having matching knitted items.

I'm not 100% sure where the stopping point is yet, but I'm thinking I'll make it shorter than my first so it's more like a laying scarf than anything functional.

Blogger doesn't agree with me.

Aforementioned photo gets added to this post, because it wouldn't situate itself in the right position in the last post. Whoops on me.

Since I made another post for this photo, I might as well talk about the project. :)

The shawl was a pattern I pulled off the internet for free. It's origins are Cascade, or something like that. This is made with about 6 or 7 different yarns total. Throughout the whole shawl is carried a black wool/acrylic boucle and one other type of yarn. Every "whenever I felt like it", I would switch that second yarn to another color, creating the striping.

This was a late Christmas present about 2 or 3 years ago (I forget), but the friend I made it for professes that no matter where she goes, she gets obscene amounts of compliments on it, and has even told me a co-worker of hers would pay me "out the ears" to have one herself. Though I've considered the option, I don't know that the time expenditure, in addition to the colors her co-worker wants would make it feasible. As most of us knitters know, a hand-knit for sale is an expensive piece of work. In a lot of cases it's much less expensive to just find something comparable in retail.

I still don't have the first clue what I'm doing.

So, after a full calendar year, and then a little extra, I'm finally making an *actual post*. Amazing, isn't is!

So, this should be the part where I post a few photos of my works-in-progress, or maybe even of myself. As I'm presently in yoga pants and an oversized merona t-shirt that comes down over my 36-weeks-pregnant-self, halfway to my knees; I'll spare you that. So I'll post something in it's place that *isn't* traumatizing. :)

Sorry that my picture looks more like something you'd be opening in my yearly Christmas letter.

So with this little mini-update, I'm off to work on a project that currently has no photo to go with it. But in lieu of a photo of something current, here's a picture of something from a *LONG* time ago. Also modeled by someone I don't talk to. That's how long ago this was taken (also; note the sparkly 1960's vintage tree in the background with it's pink and red lights. Vintage-tastic).