Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Here's a funny story. One that I don't want to forget.

This story was told by my dad, to my 7 year old son.  Who, unsurprisingly, found it HILARIOUS.  He asks his grandpa to tell it all the time.

So as a child, I went to Nursery School.  I wasn't a latchkey kid or anything; quite the contrary, my parents wanted me everywhere they went. AND they ran their own business, so it was easy to pull the switcheroo with me when they needed to.  But alas, I was a active, and very high energy child. And, being 6 1/2 years younger than my next-oldest sister, I'm sure I needed more age-appropriate contact and some help with socializing correctly with kids my own age, as opposed to dealing with conflict throughout my life by biting people on their faces (sorry Caitlin).

Or they just wanted some free time. Which I absolutely get.

So anyway.....  Nursery School.  This is what we all refer to these days as "daycare", or "pre-school".  That sort of nonsense.  

Well, my father got a call from the Nursery School Director one day, who needed to have a very serious conversation with him, and as soon as possible.  Worried that I was, I'm sure, teaching the other children how to summon demons, or where most parents were likely to hide all the Easter Candy, or even more serious; I might have defaced something of genuine value, my dad prepared himself for the worst. 

There was a formal sit down with the Director and my father (I'm sure my mother wasn't present, because I've never heard HER recant this tale) and in a stern and serious face she begins; 

"We've got a very serious problem with your daughter, Mr Lovejoy".  My father listens intently.  "She's used inappropriate language today."
Thinking of all the unmentionable atrocities I might have blurted out, he asks; "Well, what did she say?"
The Director leans in across the table, and whispers " 'Shit', Mr Lovejoy."
My dad doesn't even skip a beat; "Well where the fuck did she learn that from?"

And this, my friends, is why the apple most certainly never falls far from the tree.  

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