Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby it's cold outside!

Delightfully, I am sitting in a divinely warm and woolly sweater.  Peppermint tea in hand, cold weather all around the state, and really festive Christmas groove tunes to listen to while I work. 

Today is a beautiful winter wonderland.  It is absolutely harshly cold and makes the things we have to do more arduous than it would be normally.  But that's what makes it beautiful.  Nothing in life should be so repetitive that we never have deviation.  Life is about change, suffering, hardships and challenges that we feel we cannot face.  This is everything we are made to endure and overcome, absolutely.
I feel so completely filled with happiness.  I have so much to marvel for in my life, and so many smiles that it brings to my lips.  I cannot begin to name them all, but I feel that my capacity for abundance is just beginning. 
"What you seek, is seeking you." -Rumi

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