Thursday, October 10, 2013

To resonate

I heard this in a documentary yesterday, and the parallels were just so touching for what we're going through right now.

"It's just this longing to hold your baby.  I sometimes just feel selfish that I can't accept that
we've got one and some people can't even have that.  We're very, very lucky that we have our child,
but it doesn't stop from having this longing."

The last two days have been spent being able to indulge in a few documentaries about various forms of infertility, and a millionaire in the 1970's who endeavored to create a sperm bank with the genetic material of men possessing superior intelligence levels.  The sperm of what the creator called "clever men"., I say!  Unfortunately it seems as though this depository no longer exists.  Also, being that the story takes place more than 40 years ago, it's presumed that the materials are additionally no longer available in this same capacity.

Still.....  Several Nobel Laureates had contributed.   I can't lie; the idea of having a near-genius child would be a dream I could only hope and deign to have. 


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